SEMPER fitness

Personal Training

A clean, quiet and semi private environment, this is not like your typical big box gym. You won't find the blaring loud music or the usual characters present in most health clubs. What you will find is great environment, state of the art equipment, friendly members and an environment that allows you to learn the proper way to workout to reach your specific goals. Convienently located near 83, just off exit 14 on Leader Heights Rd.

Sessions may also be completed in your own home or at a local park weather permitting, many clients prefer to work out at home for various reasons. Equipment is not required, body weight workouts as well as Kettlebell Training are available alternatives if exercise equipment is unavailable.We are also able to advise on recommended equipment for your own home exercise program, without spending a fortune. Session Prices vary based upon distance traveled.


Personal Training

NUtrition Counseling

I am able to provide you with the necessary information for you to develop a healthy relationship with food, what types of food you should eat, proper portions and nutrient timing. I understand that an educated client is a successful client, understanding nutrition is vital to your long term success. With a true understanding of nutrition you will be able to make educated decisions when choosing your foods.