I live in the Red Lion area with my wife and two children, we have lived in the area since 2005. I relocated here after completing 5 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps. We are originally from Eldersburg, MD but chose to buy a home in PA when it was time to leave the service. Before starting my personal training business I worked in the automotive repair industry, managing several different locations. This high stress and very busy work schedule lead to an unhealthy diet, in adequate rest and to top it off I was also a pack a day smoker at the time! Over the course of a few years my waist size increased from a size 32" to a 38", around my 25th birthday I realized that one of the size 38's were becoming too small. I came to the realization that my current behaviors meant that at age 25, I could be middle aged. Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and at the time weighing 225 pounds at 5'8" I could have serious health issues and be gone before I reached 50 years old. The revelation that if I continued living an unhealthy lifestyle I could potentially not be there for my children caused me to want to make a change.

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Personal Training

Steve Behan 

Once I made the decision to change, I was able to implement my experience as a Marine, the skills that my father taught me as a youth pertaining to strength training. He was an amateur bodybuilder and football coach, I was overweight as young child and I was able to lose a significant amount of weight once I started lifting weights and participating in sports. Because of my early experiences in the weight room, I was able to get right to work on an appropriate program and I had very significant results in a short period of time. My only regret concerning this time period was not hiring a personal trainer that could have educated me on nutrition. I felt that my previous experience in the gym was enough to ensure I trained hard enough and selected appropriate exercises, which I know from hindsight I was selecting appropriate exercises and resistance. However, my nutritional approach was atrocious and if I had someone to help educate me on how to properly design a nutrition plan I would have had even better results.  I love showing people the before and after picture below, because the before in this picture is after I lost 30 lbs in a very short period of time. I was honestly excited to have this before picture taken because of how much I lost, unfortunately when I was at my heaviest I became an expert at hiding from the camera, so very few pictures of me at my heaviest weight exist.  The after picture was taken this year, and shows how far I have been able to come. I am now at a stable body weight and I am in the best shape of my life, including my time in the Marine Corps.

What the before and after pictures can't show are by far the best results, when I was overweight i was ashamed to be seen in public with my family. I felt like people were judging me, wondering "what the fat guy was doing with such an attractive wife and family."  My weight was causing me to not be involved with the most important thing in my life, I should have been young and healthy, enjoying one the best periods of any persons life and I was miserable with who I had become. Once I committed to the change and started to see the first results, the negative self talk and self esteem issues began to fade. The most important result that I achieved is beating depression and being able to enjoy the wonderful life I have been blessed with. That's why I am so passionate about fitness. Improvements in appearance or health are great,  its the improvement in mood and how it  affects your life everyday that is absolutely incredible!